BMW F87 M2/M2C Handling Pack 5 (Track Use)


    • 3-Way adjustable coilovers give comprehensive control and adjustability on track
    • More immediate and direct response to driver inputs
    • Reduction in bumpsteer
    • Increased negative camber on front and rear axles
    • Perfect for intensive track work
    • Choice of Nitron, KW and TracTive Coilovers


In Handling Pack 5, we introduce 3-way adjustable coilovers which are now necessary for the pure track focus of this upgrade kit.

Handling Pack 5 also brings improvements to the rear camber values, bump steer characteristics and traction available to the rear axle.

Handling Pack 5 includes:

Full Geometry Alignment

A full geometry alignment is achievable with entirely standard suspension components. We consider it one of the most significant upgrades you can invest in. A proper alignment also helps make use of any installed upgrades, allowing them to fulfil their potential. In this kit, the geometry is road-biased and will make your BMW more intuitive and predictable.

Suspension Secrets Camber Plates

The standard suspension on the F87 M2/M2C lacks the option to adjust camber levels. Negative camber is essential for extracting more cornering potential from your car, as it helps make best use of the grip available from the tyres when cornering.

In combination with the Eibach lowering springs, increasing negative camber will greatly improve your BMW’s handling characteristics.

Suspension Secrets Adjustable Front and Rear Drop Links

Our adjustable drop links are installed at this stage to prevent the anti-roll bar from hitting other chassis components, due to the car being lowered. Our adjustable drop links reset the position of the anti-roll bar back to its factory position, whilst still maintaining the dynamic benefits of the lowered springs.

Suspension Secrets Adjustable Rear Toe Arms

Our custom-designed adjustable rear toe arms enable the rear toe of the rear axle to be adjusted to a more favourable position. The increased adjustability of our rear toe arms allow optimum rear toe settings to be applied to your M2/M2C.

Toe affects both cornering and accelerative performance, and getting it set up correctly can benefit a car greatly, with time being gained throught the corners and especially on corner exit.

The adjustability of the rear toe arms also allows the negative camber on the rear axle to to be increased as well, which is another valuable upgrade.

Eibach Upgraded Front and Rear Anti-Roll Bars

Eibach’s anti-roll bars are very useful at this stage, as they greatly increase the tortional rigidity of your car’s chassis. This added rigidity prevents the chassis and body flexing during cornering, and the edded stiffness helps extract the most grip from your tyres.

Importantly, anti-roll bars do no compromise ride comfort, which means you can install them and benefit from their performance benefits, whilst not having to compromise on ride comfort.

A Set of 3-Way Adjustable Coilovers

3-Way adjustable coilovers are included in Handling Pack 5, which allow for much finer control of the high and low speed damping. This seperation between high and low speed damping allows you to to adjust how the damper behaves during cornering, and how they behave when going over curbs or bumps on circuit.

This allows you to fine-tune each one of these aspects to your requirements, and allows for many more driving styles and preferences to be accommodated. Coilovers also allow for the exploration of more sophisticated suspension dynamics, such as increased negative camber, the introduction of rake, and the reduction of understeer. All of these aspects are improved with 3-way adjustable coilovers, particularly in terms of increasing negative camber, which is essential to improving track-based performance.

We recommend the following coilovers for Handling Pack 5:

  • Nitron R3
  • KW Clubsport 3-Way
  • TracTive R-ACE (semi-active)

Please Note – We have made every effort to make our custom-designed camber plates compatible with aftermarkets topmounts, but some coilovers are not supplied with camber plates, or require their own bespoke camber plates, which will have to be purchased seperately.

Suspension Secrets Solid Front Control Arm Bushings

Also included in Handling Pack 5 are solid control arm bushes. By eliminating flex in the bushes, the grip generated by the tyre is transferred to the chassis much faster with greater clarity. They help make a car feel more immediate and direct, giving the steering greater transparency and immediacy.

Suspension Secrets Rear Camber Arms

Increased negative camber is essential to making a car handle on track. Our custom-built rear camber arms are designed to increased the negative camber on the rear axle, thus providing more grip, which in turn allows for higher cornering speeds.

As the improved negative camber, and subsequent increase in traction is applied to the rear axle, this means you can exit corners much faster, leading to a reduction in lap times.

Suspension Secrets Bump Steer Adjustable Tie Rod Ends

Our bump steer adjustable tie rod ends work to keep the toe settings of the front axle in place even when going over bumps or undulations.

Our tie rods are installed because after a car has been lowered significantly on 3-way adjustable dampers, the front wheels have a new arc pattern. Our tie rod prevent bumpsteep occuring, so you can make best use of your lowered suspension.

Suspension Secrets Rear Traction Arms

Rear traction arms are designed to give extra traction when the rear axle compresses, or ‘squats’, due to application of throttle. Our traction arms control the amount of toe-in or toe-out that occurs in these circumstances, and can be tuned, depending on your driving style, to help find the most amount of grip at the rear axle, by having the correct toe-in or toe-out settings applied.


At Suspension Secrets we offer comprehensive installation and setup services. We can apply our knowledge and expertise of the F87 M2/M2C platform to your car, and to make the best use of the upgrades included in this handling pack.

Please fill out the form below if you wish for us to fit and setup your Handling Pack.

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Nitron R3, KW Clubsport 3-Way, TracTive R-ACE