Suspension Secrets BMW F80 M3 / F82 M4 Adjustable Camber Caster Plates


  • Designed and Manufactured in the UK
  • Increase Caster and Camber
  • High Quality German Spherical Bearings
  • Easy Access Adjustment
  • Manufactured from Aircraft-Grade Materials
  • Stainless Steel Inserts, Nuts, Bolts and Components
  • Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminium Body
  • Lightweight and Strong
  • Toothed Adjuster Design to Prevent Slipping
  • Huge Handling Benefits

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Our camber plates are one of the must have upgrades for any F80 M3 / F82 M4. As standard, the BMW F80 M3 and F82 M4 have no camber adjustment. This holds the handling of the car back substantially as the standard setting is far too low to generate the cornering grip required to really make these cars handle well. The need for camber adjustment is required whether the car is completely standard, on lowering springs or on coilovers and the benefits are substantial. Our camber plates directly replace the standard top mount. Therefore, they work with standard springs, lowering springs and any coilover that is designed to be used with the standard top mount such as Ohlins Road and Track and Bilstein B16 and many more. 

Our camber plates are designed and assembled by our team in house and are all manufactured in the UK from high quality aircraft grade materials and have been developed to deliver optimum performance for your car. 

With bodies and components machined from aircraft grade billet aluminium, all components remain high in strength whilst remaining lightweight. All nuts, bolts and inserts are machined from high grade stainless steel to ensure resistance to corrosion, longevity and the utmost reliability and quality from the smallest of components to the largest. 

Our camber plates feature German bearings to provide high quality movement, reliability and longevity from the components. 

Many unique features have been designed into our camber plates to provide ease of use and the maximum performance extraction possible form your car. One feature is that our camber plates feature a second set of holes. This second set of holes (marked by a groove) allow the camber plate to be rotated on the car. Once rotated, the camber plate can be adjusted to allow for camber and caster increases at the same time to benefit greatly from increasing both aspects of the geometry safely. 

Another key feature is that the adjustment slots are toothed so that once your camber/caster position has been selected, the setting cannot slip or shift when running kerbs out on track or going through potholes on the roads. This maintains the settings installed and also improves safety, preventing suspension components form coming out of miss-alignment. 

Our camber plates directly replace the OEM unit and work directly with the electric dampers too. They require the standard plastic spring bearing to be swapped across to our camber plate before installation. The standard strut brace bolts straight back down to our strut brace mount in both the normal and the caster positions too. 

For one of the most cost effective performance enhancing upgrades you can get, install our camber plates and benefit from the unleashed potential.