Suspension Secrets BMW F87 M2 / M2 Competition Adjustable Rear Camber Arms


  • Designed and Manufactured in the UK
  • High Quality Motorsport Stainless Steel Fluro Rose Joints
  • Easy Access Adjusters
  • Manufactured from Aircraft-Grade Materials
  • Stainless Steel Adjuster and Lock Nuts
  • Stainless Steel Hub Inserts
  • Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminium Body
  • Lightweight and Strong
  • Two Points of Adjustment


Increasing the negative camber of your BMW M2/M2 Competition is an essential process when trying to improve the handling of the car. But, there simply isn’t enough adjustability built into the standard BMW suspension. As a result, we have created the Suspension Secrets F87 BMW M2/M2 Competition Adjustable Rear Camber Arms which offer a far greater range of rear camber adjustment.

What makes Suspension Secrets BMW M2/M2 Competition Adjustable Rear Camber Arms unique?

Here at Suspension Secrets, we have a commitment to using the highest-quality materials available for our products, so our customers get the best performance in return.

Our Adjustable Rear Camber Arms have bodies made from billet aluminium, their rose joints, nuts and bolts are all made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

The Fluro motorsport-grade rose joints we use offer very high levels of precision due their low friction PTFE liners. Their stainless steel construction also give them excellent longevity and strength, which is essential for strenous use on the circuit or road.

We have also designed our Adjustable Rear Camber Arms to be quick and easy to adjust. Our arms come equipped with an easy to access adjuster, which can be adjusted with a 17mm spanner. The design of our arm also enables you to lock off any retaining locknuts from within the wheel arch, which is important for safety and peace of mind.

This makes our Suspension Secrets F87 BMW M2/M2 Competition Adjustable Rear Camber Arms the only camber arms on the market with entirely stainless steel componentry.

We emphasis safety and quality with our products, and it is for this reason that we choose the best materials available.

Why would I want to install Suspension Secrets BMW M2/M2 Competition Adjustable Rear Camber Arms ?

Increasing the negative camber on the rear axle of your F87 BMW M2/M2 Competition is an excellent way of improving the car’s handling.

Negative camber changes how cornering forces and transferred through a tyre. With the standard BMW suspension the forces generated during hard cornering are transferred across the body of the tyre in a perpendicular shearing motion. This lateral shearing motion is at odds with the rotational action of a tyre.

Increased rear camber instead leans the top of the rear tyres inboards towards the middle of the car, and leans the bottom of the tyres outwards. This means that during hard cornering, the weight load of the car is transferred more evenly across the tyre, which now has a far greater contact patch as the forces exerted on it are being exerted through a verticle plane instead of horizontally across the tyre.

The Suspension Secrets F87 BMW M2/M2 Competition Adjustable Rear Camber Arms give you the ability to improve this crucial suspension factor. Adjustable Rear Camber Arms are a great upgrade for the F87 BMW M2/M2 Competition, regardless if you use your car on road or track. The standard BMW suspension doesn’t offer enough camber adjustment to allow the optimum settings to be applied, particularly on the rear axle. Increased negative rear camber is especially useful for allowing other upgrades, such a grippier tyres or coilovers, to reach their full performance potential. Correct rear camber settings will allow you to carry more speed through the corners, apply the throttle earlier, and really bring down those lap times.

Picture of Suspension Secrets Adjustable Rear Camber Arms, showing where they are positioned when fitted to a BMW M2.

Our Suspension Secrets F87 BMW M2/M2 Competition Adjustable Rear Camber Arms kit is comprised of four adjustable arms. This is due to the design of the M2’s rear suspension, which means two arms are required at each rear hub to allow complete freedom of adjustment.

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