Toyota GR Yaris Seat Lowering Plate Kit


  • 35mm drop in seating position
  • Completely compatible with factory fit seats and their electrics
  • Multiple fitting points to accommodate for different seat positions
  • Improves driver feel and confidence
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK from powder-coated CNC-folded steel


Designed to be entirely compatible with the standard seats, our Toyota GR Yaris Seat Lowering Kit gives a reduction in the height of both the driver’s and passenger’s front seats by 35mm, whilst remaining fully compatible with the original seats and their electrical functions. The kit also offers the adjustability to accommodate GR Yaris drivers of all different sizes.

Our kit is extremely cost effective, costing approximately 10% of some other solutions.

The lower seating position is achieved by removing the factory-fit seat sliders and replacing them with bespoke lowering plates that bolt directly to the chassis floor. With multiple adjustable chassis mounting points, our CNC-folded lowering kit allows for the seats to be moved to accommodate drivers of all sizes.

Having the seat mounted lower in the chassis gives the driver a better idea of how their inputs are affecting the car, and how it is responding beneath them. This sense of ‘connection’ greatly improves a driver’s enjoyment of a car, especially so with the GR Yaris, which benefits from confident control inputs from the driver.
With the lower seating position, both the weight of the seat, and the weight of the driver and passenger, if present, will be situated closer to the floor of the car, lowering the Centre of Gravity (CoG).

Dynamically, this lower CoG will mean the car is more responsive during cornering, more stable during direction changes, and can achieve faster cornering speeds.

Our laser-cut kit includes: two lowering plates complete with fixings.
Please note – The lowering plates in our kit replace the factory seat sliders. This means sliding seat adjustment will no longer be available.

Follow the link below for installation instructions:

Toyota GR Yaris Seat Lowering Kit Installation Guide

“Wow, this plate has made a bigger difference than I expected!  Finally the seat height issue is resolved, I feel more locked into the car and the mirror no longer gets in the way. Now the car has gone from 9/10 to a 10/10 B-road blaster!” – backontrack, GR Yaris owner

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