Suspension Secrets BMW F87 M2 / M2 Competition Adjustable Front Drop Links/End Links


  • Designed and Manufactured in the UK
  • High Quality Motorsport Fluro Rose Joints
  • Manufactured from Aircraft-Grade Materials
  • Stainless Steel Lock Nuts
  • Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminium Body
  • Lightweight and Strong

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Lowering a car is often a key stage in improving its handling, but it can also disrupt or negatively change your car’s suspension geometry. To counter this, we’ve developed our BMW F87 M2/ M2 Competition Adjustable Front Drop Links/End Links. Find out what makes them so special below.

What makes our BMW F87 M2/M2 Competition Adjustable Front Drop Links/End Links unique?

We choose to use the highest quality materials when designing and manufacturing our own products.

The bodies of our drop links are made from high quality aircraft-grade aluminium, which makes them exceptionally strong and light. This strength makes them ideal for coping with the handling forces generated by stiffer or thicker anti-roll bars.

The bodies, in combination with corrosion resistant stainless steel motorsport spec Fluro rose joints, gives our drop links phenomenal longevity, strength and consistency for road or race applications.

The Fluro rose joints on Suspension Secrets Adjustable Front Drop Links are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

Why would I want to install our BMW F87 M2/M2 Competition Adjustable Front Drop Links/End Links?

Our adjustable drop links are a great upgrade if you have lowered your BMW M2/M2 Competition. This is because when a car is lowered the anti-roll bar is pulled upwards as the chassis drops, which can leave the anti-roll bar in a different location, where it can potentially hit the chassis or suspension arms.

The standard BMW drop links, which connect to the anti-roll bar and the wheel assembly hub, are not long enough to maintain the anti-roll bars original positioning. That is why installing adjustable drop links is essential. The lengths can be adjusted to allow for the anti-roll bar to sit in the ideal position.

Drop links are also very useful when corner weighting your car. During corner weighting the ride heights of the individual wheels will be slightly different to one another. This causes tension in the anti-roll bar, which will lead to an uneven load distribution. Subsequently, this uneven distribution can result in a car feeling vastly different in its behaviour when turning left and turning right.

Adjustable drop links allow you to remove the tension from the anti-roll bar by adjusting the length of our drop links. With the tension removed, you will be able to exploit all of the handling improvements brought about by corner weighting.

Our Suspension Secrets Front Drop Links are a simply to install and effective modfication when it comes to improve your BMW M2's handling.