Geometry Explained

Anti Squat, Dive and Lift Geometry

Anti-squat, anti-dive and anti-lift geometry which will be referred to as “anti-geometry” when discussing them as a whole is a form of geometry at the front and rear wheels that alters and controls the amount that a car will compress the springs due to acceleration, deceleration or braking conditions.

How To Adjust And Tune

Springs, Dampers And Roll Bars

  • Tyre Performance and Grip – A Deeper Look

    We spend a lot of time writing about suspension and different tips and tricks to achieving a great set up to make you and your car as fast as possible around the track. However, a suspension set up can often only be as good as the tyres used. This is because the aim of a perfect set up is to deliver excellent dynamic feedback to the driver as well as getting the most out of the tyre in order to generate the highest amount of grip as possible. 

The Fundamentals


What Is Suspension Geometry? Suspension geometry is the positioning and angular movement of the suspension arms and the effect that they have upon the movement of the wheel and tyre. It is caused by the different components of the suspension system all moving in their …


  • Win A Free Season of Racing with VMEP

    We are proud to announce that Suspension Secrets is now the title sponsor of the Vision Motorsport Engineering Novice Racing Driver Competition. It is very rare within Motorsport for an opportunity to come along that allows someone with potential, but without the funding, to compete …

  • Audi R8 1:1 – Under The Skin

    You’ve probably seen the World Time Attack Audi R8 from team R8 1:1 in Finland on social media by now. It has become quite a hit due to its huge aero and the incredible suspension system that has been designed into it. We had to find out more so organised an interview with the team manager of Team R8 1:1; Mikko Ahola.

  • Secrets’ Selection – Lindsay Rice

    Lindsay Rice, CEO of Rice Racing and driver of the #18 Rice Racing Audi RS3 LMS is a semi-pro female driver competing in motorsport across North America who we work closely with and are proud to include within our selection of Suspension Secrets racing driver profiles.

  • Drift Car Set Up

    For those that are not familiar with drifting, it is a motorsport in which the car must maintain constant and fluid oversteer between a series of corners on a circuit whilst hitting certain clipping zones on circuit and having as much proximity with the other car as possible. A good set up can go a long way in keeping the car sliding and providing a fluid, predictable transition.