Springs, Dampers And Roll Bars


How To Adjust And Tune

The Fundamentals


What Is Suspension Geometry? Suspension geometry is the positioning and angular movement of the suspension arms and the effect that they have upon the movement of the wheel and tyre. It is caused by the different components of the suspension system all moving in their …

Geometry Explained

  • Anti Squat, Dive and Lift Geometry

    Anti-squat, anti-dive and anti-lift geometry which will be referred to as “anti-geometry” when discussing them as a whole is a form of geometry at the front and rear wheels that alters and controls the amount that a car will compress the springs due to acceleration, deceleration or braking conditions.

  • Wheel Rate and Chassis Roll Stiffness

    Wheel Rate Wheel rate is effectively the spring rate when measured at the wheel as opposed to at the spring. It is important to understand the wheel rate of a vehicle for calculating the spring rates and understanding the car dynamically. Coil Spring Wheel Rate …

  • Toe

    What Is Toe? Toe is the angle between each wheel with relation to the longitudinal axis of the vehicle. It is usually measured when the car is static and is measured either in degrees or in millimetres. If it is measured by distance then it …