How To Adjust And Tune

Springs, Dampers And Roll Bars

Tyre Performance and Grip – A Deeper Look

We spend a lot of time writing about suspension and different tips and tricks to achieving a great set up to make you and your car as fast as possible around the track. However, a suspension set up can often only be as good as the tyres used. This is because the aim of a perfect set up is to deliver excellent dynamic feedback to the driver as well as getting the most out of the tyre in order to generate the highest amount of grip as possible. 

Geometry Explained

Anti Squat, Dive and Lift Geometry

Anti-squat, anti-dive and anti-lift geometry which will be referred to as “anti-geometry” when discussing them as a whole is a form of geometry at the front and rear wheels that alters and controls the amount that a car will compress the springs due to acceleration, deceleration or braking conditions.


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Applications In Motorsport

  • NASCAR & Oval Racing

    The below set up is taken from a NASCAR car. The setup is also for a car travelling around an anti-clockwise oval circuit. The settings would be opposite if the circuit was clockwise. These are a good base setting to set up your rear wheel …

  • BTCC & Touring Cars

    There are two types of touring car; front wheel drive and rear wheel drive. Each type has its own set up due to the nature of how the car transfers its power to the ground. Below are different set ups for front wheel drive touring …

  • Drag

    The set ups below are taken from a rear wheel drive professional drag racing car. Different chassis types, tyre widths and wheel bases could warrant slightly different set ups. However, these figures are a good base to set a rear wheel drive drag car up …

  • F1 & Open Wheel

    The set ups shown below are taken from a Formula 1 car example. They are therefore at the extreme end of the open wheel racing category and can be tuned back slightly towards zero from these figures for slower classes. The below figures are for …

  • WRC & Rally

    The set ups below are based upon a four wheel drive rally car which has been set up for a high speed loose gravel course.  They are a good base setting to set up a four wheel drive rally car to and can be tuned …