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  • Win A Free Season of Racing with VMEP

    We are proud to announce that Suspension Secrets is now the title sponsor of the Vision Motorsport Engineering Novice Racing Driver Competition. It is very rare within Motorsport for an opportunity to come along that allows someone with potential, but without the funding, to compete …

  • Audi R8 1:1 – Under The Skin

    You’ve probably seen the World Time Attack Audi R8 from team R8 1:1 in Finland on social media by now. It has become quite a hit due to its huge aero and the incredible suspension system that has been designed into it. We had to find out more so organised an interview with the team manager of Team R8 1:1; Mikko Ahola.

  • How to Remove Oversteer and Understeer

    If you have taken your car to a circuit you will be very familiar with understeer and oversteer. The two enemies of good lap times even if one of them is quite fun! Understeer is when the front of your car washes out towards the outside of the corner giving a lack of steering feel and pushing the car wide. Oversteer is when the back of the car swings out to the outside of the circuit, rotating the car and making it slide to the outside of the corner.

  • Bobby’s Build: Part 2

    When we left Bobby he had created a custom front suspension system, stripped the car back to its bare bones and lowered the car on some new BC Racing coilovers. Now, a few weeks further down the line, Bobby has been busy with the rear …

  • Anti-Squat Geometry

    The geometry at the rear of a motorbike is slightly less complex than that of cars due to one main linkage connecting the rear wheel to the chassis in the form of the rear swing arm. The main aspect of rear geometry that affects the handling, response and feedback of the bike is anti-squat geometry.  Squat is the amount that the rear suspension compresses vertically under acceleration conditions.

  • BAC Mono – Under The Skin

    We had a chat with the guys at BAC Mono who, if you don’t already know, create an single seater supercar called the BAC Mono. It is renowned for its handling capabilities and the pure driving pleasure that it delivers due to the lightweight and …

  • Bobby’s Build: Part 1

    Interior Strip Down The first stage of most race car builds when starting with a road car is to strip out all of the unnecessary weight. Bobby’s build was no different as he took to the interior of the Mitsubishi Eclipse, pulling out everything in …

  • Motorcycle: Front Geometry

    Due to motorbikes having 2 wheels instead of 4, they have significantly less geometry to think about. However, the geometry that they do have is adjustable and affects the handling of the bike in a big way.  The geometry categories are split into front geometry …

  • Bobby’s Build: An Introduction

    Throughout this series of posts we are following an avid enthusiast and Suspension Secrets reader, Bobby Gould, as he builds his first ever time attack car using nothing but his own two hands and online resources to create a competitive race car. A lot of …

  • How Tyre Data Can Make You Fast

    Monitoring your tyres when out on a track day or when racing is one of the most effective things you can do to make your car as grippy and as fast as possible with minimal effort. Your tyres are the final point of contact between your car and the ground. Therefore, they transmit a lot of information from your suspension set up and also store a lot of useful information that can be measured to help fine tune your geometry to make the tyre work more efficiently with the ground to make your car go faster with ease.

  • Wheel Rate and Chassis Roll Stiffness

    Wheel Rate Wheel rate is effectively the spring rate when measured at the wheel as opposed to at the spring. It is important to understand the wheel rate of a vehicle for calculating the spring rates and understanding the car dynamically. Coil Spring Wheel Rate …