Suspension Secrets Sponsoring Century Motorsport GT4 Team

We are delighted to announce that we are sponsoring Century Motorsport in for the 2024 British GT Championship.

Century Motorsport has 27 years of victory and success in national and international motorsport with accolades including both GT4 Teams’ and Drivers’ championships in the British GT Championship.

BMW M4 GT4 on trolley jacks during tyre change in Silverstone pitlane

For this season, Century Motorsport is running two BMW M4 GT3s and two BMW M4 GT4s. Suspension Secrets is sponsoring one of the BMW M4 GT4s driven by Tom Wrigley and Ian Gough. 

Suspension Secrets' Matt Cowley and Century MS' Tom Wrigley discussing the M4 GT4

Suspension Secrets work closely with Tom Wrigley and his tuning shop Tom Wrigley Performance outside of motorsport, so this partnership is a natural fit. Tom Wrigley is the owner/operator of Tom Wrigley Performance, a Suspension Secrets Approved Parts Dealer and Installer and one of the UK’s leading German performance car specialists. From hybrid turbos and ECU remapping to big brake kits and full suspension builds, using Suspension Secrets products, Tom Wrigley Performance offers a wider range of services and upgrades.

Visit Tom Wrigley Performance here

Through his work, Tom is extremely familiar with the BMW G8x M cars, so the choice of driving a BMW M4 GT4 in the British GT Championship made sense.

With Suspension Secrets involvement in Century’s GT4 programme, we hope to learn more about the M4 GT4 chassis in regards to the chassis and setup. We’ll also look to identify the differences between the G82 M4 road car and the M4 GT4 racing car. With this involvement, we’ll also look to improve our own products using the knowledge and expertise gained with the aim of bringing genuine racing performance to both the road and track.

Suspension Secrets team members inspect the Century MS M4 GT4.

We chose to sponsor an M4 GT4 car over an M4 GT3 car, as the M4 GT4 is much more closely related to the standard G82 M4 road car it is based on. In comparison, the M4 GT3 is a bespoke ground-up racing car, with a completely different double-wishbone suspension system alongside heavily-revised suspension pickup points. The GT3 also features a completely different front-end assembly, with a heavily revised body shell that is vastly different to the body shell used by the M4 GT4.

The M4 GT4 is – comparatively – much closer in chassis layout to the G82 M4 road car. This similarity will allow us to develop our knowledge of the G82 chassis and setup even further from what we already understand about the chassis.

Rear quarter image of the Century MS BMW M4 GT4 in the pit garage at Silverstone

Keep your eyes peeled as we reveal our new range of motorsport-derived Suspension Secrets products!

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