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Geometry Alignment

Every car can benefit from our full geometry alignment service even with entirely standard suspension. We tune your geometry settings using our motorsport setup equipment to get the optimum handling and performance out of your car. From road car to race car, we have great suspension settings to bring your car to life and make it handle how it should.  We set up each car based upon our experience and by talking with you as the driver to determine how you like a car to handle and respond, and set up the car accordingly. Our alignment service is very popular with supercar owners in particular as we are able to unleash the full potential of the handling of the car as they are often held back from factory and are favoured towards understeer to provide a “safe” limit to the handling. We can reduce this substantially to improve handling and increase mid-corner speed to make the entire driving experience much more pleasurable.

Corner Weight and Alignment

Our corner weighting service ensures that the balance of your car is optimum to improve handling through the corners. Our corner weighting service also ensures that your braking and acceleration performance is as optimum as it can be by distributing mass at the tyres more evenly. Our corner weighting sessions are concluded with a full geometry alignment to ensure that all geometry settings are set to improve handling and road holding further. 

Suspension Installation

We install all suspension components from wheels spacers through to coilovers. Whether you want some springs installing, new brakes, some adjustable suspension arms or some new wheels then we can fit them for you. We ensure that all products are installed to the highest quality and are setup correctly. Once installed we can carry out one of our setup services on the car too for the full one stop experience with your car leaving ready to be driven hard. 

Race/Track Car Track-side Setup Days

Do you have a race car or track car that you wish handled better around a particular circuit or in general? With our track-side support service we attend a track or test day with you and set up our motorsport flat patch up in your garage and spend the day using our motorsport setup equipment and our motorsport experience to extract the perfect setup for your car, suited to your individual driving style.  If you are racing your car then we also offer a discount for multiple track bookings so that we can get the perfect setup for your car at each circuit that you race at. Every circuit has a unique set of corners and speeds which require different setups to get the best lap time possible from your car. With our setup service we record every aspect of the setup in our motorsport sheet and send this to you after each test day allowing you to store your settings and apply them moving forward for each circuit.  Why not upgrade to our driver coaching add-on package. Whilst we are making adjustments to your car our driver coach goes through your on board footage to get the best out of your driving style making sure that you leave the day with not only the best suspension setup, but the best driving style too. 

Race Car Prep and Support

Our Suspension Secrets Racing division can build your race car from the ground up to the highest standard ready to race for you. We also offer a full support package where we house your car, maintain, prep and support it and can bring it to the circuit for you too providing a complete arrive and drive service for your race car ensuring that it is prepared to the highest standard and arrives with the optimum setup ready to race. Get in touch to discuss our options to suit you. 

Race/Special Vehicle Build

Suspension Secrets Racing offers a full vehicle build service for special vehicles and one off builds too utilising our design team to create custom components and create one off masterpieces or re-build your pride and joy. If you have a car that you would like to create or re-build then get in touch to discuss your options. 

CAD Design

Our CAD design team can design one-off components, complete suspension systems, aerodynamic components, mounting solutions and many more items. Get in touch to see what we can design for you. 

3D Printing Service

Make use of our 3D printers to create a prototype or a final finished component. We have FDM and resin printers in house with a large build volume offering many applications and solutions for your needs. We can turn our CAD designs into reality for you to test fit a new design before having items machined, saving costs of machining and improving the design at the prototype stage.  If you need anything 3D printing or designing then get in touch.

3D Scanning Service

Our high spec 3D scanner can be used to reverse engineer or design for many different applications. We can scan in original or rare parts to reverse engineer and re-create parts. We can also scan in body panels or body kits for moulds to be made for future creation of parts.
We also use our 3D scanner to design custom geometry for your car. We can scan in you current suspension system and manipulate pick up points and suspension components on CAD to design optimum geometry. Once designed we can manufacture and install the new design proving your car with the best setup for your application.
We also provide a 3D scanning service for industry. If you need components or parts 3D scanning for your own needs then we can scan in your components and send you the files back via email saving you the expense and expertise of having your own 3D scanner. 
It’s not just suspension that we work with. We can apply our skillset and engineering to many other challenges and tasks too. Head over to our Special Operations page to learn more. 

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