Secrets’ Sessions – Lindsay Rice

Who is Lindsay Rice?

Lindsay Rice is a dedicated and passionate 26 year old race car driver, from Mississauga Ontario in Canada. She currently races in the US and Canada in GT racing. We decided to have a chat with her and ask some questions to find out a bit more about what drives Lindsay Rice Racing!

1) How did you get into racing?

I began by volunteering at my home track – Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. I volunteered with an organization called BARC and with a race team, Pfaff Motorsports, in my early days. This helped me to get my foot in the door and begin to build my network in the motorsport community. From there, I tracked my car and I began spreading the word that I’d one day be a driver. It worked!

2) What do you drive for a daily car?

I drive a 2016 manual Golf R.

3) What do you currently race in?

In 2018 I competed in the Canadian Touring Car Championship and the Canadian Automobile Sports Club Race Ontario Championship in my #18 Rice Racing Audi RS3 LMS.

4) How did your 2018 season go?

2018 was the best season of my career yet – two first places in my class, and three overall podiums. Along with this, I learnt incredible things about the new Audi and I was also able to experience so much with this race car. My team and I, along with my incredible 2018 sponsors, Audi of Mississauga/Brampton, Total Canada and Inroble International, we were able to really focus on training in the car this season. We spent a lot of time analysing data and aiming for new goals on track.

5) What is your favourite aspect of GT Racing?

I love quite a few things about GT racing. One being that as a driver of a GT car, you really get the feeling of driving a performance oriented piece of machinery – one that you can relate to as they are similar to street cars. They have balance, performance, and for me – I like feeling safe and super homey in a closed cockpit. It’s comfortable in there 🙂 I also like the fact that people can relate to the cars we’re driving in GT racing. A GT car is essentially what you would drive on the street, tuned up. It is easier for the fans to relate to this and get a feeling for what a driver has to do, to do well in the sport.

6) How many titles or podiums do you currently hold?

In our three seasons, we’ve taken home three wins and 13 podiums overall.

7) Is racing your full time job or do you have another as well?

Racing is currently my ‘summer job’. In Canada we have a big off-season, so I do work in these months as well.

8) How important is your suspension set up?

Suspension set up, along with wheel alignment and set up is essential. The suspension of the car allows a set leniency in the corners – if you get the set up right you are able to give yourself a little more play room to experiment with the limit of the car, if you get it wrong it could mean a very quick trip off the track surface.

9) How does your set up vary from circuit to circuit or for different conditions?

The set up of my car changes every day, every race weekend, but most of the time we will have to change it every hour. The way that the car is prepared depends on track (amount of corners, where the track is hardest on the car/what corner, how many corners are left turning vs. right turning), climate, temperature of the air, track temperature, and immediate weather conditions such as rain or snow (yes I have road raced in snow before). The car changes completely during these different elements, and we will always need to adjust for that.

10) How would you convey an issue out on circuit to your engineers so they can alter the set up?

My team and I speak on the radio constantly. It depends on the situation, but if something is very pressing we will discuss it and decide when I should come in to fix the issue. In the past it has been things like tire blow ups or brake issues, where my brakes have failed to work on a short and hot track or a tire has blown and I need to come in (if I can make it back). When something happens, we always take a minute to discuss whether we need to come in or not. You never want to jeopardise a race if the issue will still allow you to finish the race.

11) How is data logging used to monitor your driving and car’s performance?

Data is my best friend. In the RS3 in 2018 we ran on the AIM system and it was fantastic. I was able to dial in to each and every millisecond of my performance on track, and see where I could optimise the car’s abilities. I’ll sit down with my crew chief after all sessions to analyse what we can do better on track.

12) What tyres and coilovers do you use?

The tires that we used in 2018 were Pirelli, these are required by the series I compete in. The coil overs are the multi link McPherson struts, coil springs, and gas filled dampers that come standard on the Audi RS3 factory-built Race Car.

13) What areas of suspension adjustment are possible on your racing car?

The suspension on the RS3 is fully adjustable. Everything from ride height to sway bars to spring rates. We will adjust the suspension based on different settings we’re using in the car – how much toe is needed, camber, etc. I leave the finer details to my team – they always set the car up for me perfectly and I have full trust in their abilities.

14) What’s your biggest achievement of your career so far?

I’d have to say that this season gave me my biggest achievements in terms of developing myself as a competitor. It was really important to me to see myself improve so much in the Audi race car. We set many personal records this season, and also took home our two first place wins. From here, there’s no where to go but up.

15) What are your racing career goals?

Have you achieved some of them yet? Absolutely I have. My goals have always been to improve, and that’s all I have been doing since day one. I aim to take home a championship title in the near future. To race the Daytona Rolex would be a treat, to race Le Mans would be a dream. Getting to test an Indy car, a DTM car.. Really anything that gives me the opportunity to move forward in my career and trying new things is what I’m looking for.

16) Are there any slightly different or crazy motorsports that you would like to have a go at?

Honestly. All of them. I’d like to drive all different cars and learn all motorsports. Rallying would be a thrill. The one area of motorsport I may be more reluctant to do is motorcycle racing.

17) What is your favourite racing track in the world?

To drive, Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. To dream of driving, Yas Marina.

18) What is your dream drive in motorsport?

There are so many amazing race cars out there, but I would have to say the Porsche RSR.

19) Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to get into motorsport but doesn’t know where to begin?

Well – I was once in your shoes!! I am a first generation racer in my family, and I never knew how to begin my career in motorsport. I think the most important thing is to give yourself plenty of experience at the track. Get to know people, get to know the series. Build yourself a platform and get out on track through track days in your daily driver. Make sure you go out there and push yourself and see where it gets you. If you can have no fear on track, you’ve got something not everyone has

20) Do you have any mantras that you live by that keep you motivated to keep on achieving in life?

‘Remember when you wanted what you have now’ – I have put a lot of work into my racing career, and I always want to move forward and work harder. However, I always remind myself to stay humble by thanking the universe for what I’ve been given so far – I have been very very lucky to be able to pursue my passion like I have. Remember that, and when you do you can put your head down and work for your future even harder with a full heart.

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