Suspension Secrets Porsche Circuit Handling Pack Claims Lap Record

Imagine two cars. Both of these cars are track-focused supercars with sticky tyres, carbon fibre body panels and carbon ceramic brakes.

One car has 789bhp and weighs 1197kg, and the other has only 513bhp and weighs 1430kg. Working with these numbers you’d expect the first car to be much faster around a circuit, wouldn’t you? 

It is important to remember that a good power to weight ratio isn’t everything, and that a properly applied setup and some well-judged modifications are the most valuable improvement you can make to a car.

We’re delighted to announce that a Porsche 991.2 GT3 RS fitted with our Circuit Handling Pack has just claimed the unofficial lap record for a road-legal car around the Donington Park GP circuit, with a scarcely believable lap of 1:34.2 in the extremely capable hands of Leyton Clarke.

The time was one-tenth of a second faster than the previous lap record, which was held by a McLaren Senna – a car that is considered to be in an entirely different league performance-wise to the Porsche.

The time was achievable thanks to the installation of our extensively developed Porsche GT Circuit Handling Pack and the exceptional driving skills of RMA Track Days MD, Leyton Clarke, coupled with Surface Transforms Discs and Michelin Cup 2R tyres. 

The final piece of the puzzle was to apply our full geometry setup which is designed to make best use of our upgrades.

A carefully considered setup is essential to getting the most out a car and any upgrades fitted. We applied a bespoke setup when claiming the Donington Park Lap Record.

For Leyton’s lap record, we installed a shorter ‘cup car’ spec front spring to really drop the nose to get the chassis into the perfect window for working out on circuit.  This spring is available in the Circuit Handling Pack as an option if requested. 

Longtime readers of the blog may already be familiar with the development process of our Circuit Handling Pack, for which Leyton’s GT3 RS has faithfully served as the development car. Since then, Leyton has been putting our parts through some extreme punishment, by driving flat out and attacking kerbs at every circuit he’s visited in his GT3 RS, and our components have performed faultlessly through all the action.

Our kit was designed to unlock the true potential of Porsche GT series cars, and it has been extensively tested and developed to reduce lap times substantially, whilst also increasing driver feel and connection whilst ensuring the cars remain usable on the road. This is something that we’ve focused on greatly – you don’t need to be driving at maximum attack to feel and enjoy the benefits of our upgrades, but if you do want to push hard, then our components will give you far more confidence than the OEM units.

The kit was developed by CAD modelling the entire suspension system and addressing the issues that we found.

For those unfamiliar, our Circuit Handling Pack contains the following:

  • Suspension Secrets custom-designed top mounts (camber plates). Our top mounts are designed to offer an increase in camber and caster angle.
  • Suspension Secrets bump steer tie rod ends to reduce bump steer at the lower ride height and improve steering feel and feedback.
  • Suspension Secrets damper ratio altering spring cups to increase bump travel in the damper at the lower ride height to prevent he damper from bottoming out. 
  • Upgraded front springs to increase stiffness to prevent he rear of the car from lifting under heavy braking to increase rear traction on the brakes and reduce turn in oversteer to allow a faster turn in. 

All of these upgrades combined with some unbelievably committed driving allowed us to claim the Donington Park Lap Record!

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