The set ups below are based upon a four wheel drive rally car which has been set up for a high speed loose gravel course.  They are a good base setting to set up a four wheel drive rally car to and can be tuned from there to suit the surface and driver.




6 thoughts on “WRC & Rally”

  1. What is a good budget suspension setup for a 2wd fwd gravel clubman rally or Autocross car?

      1. Hi thanks for all the information on your web site do you know the basic setting for Escort MK2 gr 4 rally car
        Toe? Camber? Castor?
        Do you know if they use very different settings for gravel and tarmac
        Thanks in advance for your help

  2. Good evening from Greece. I have an Escort MK2 GR4, GRAVEL RALLY. Please can you help me? What ACKERMANN, what KPI, what TOE rear axle AND CAMBER rear axle. Thank you Greetings

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