Suspension Secrets BMW F87 M2 / M2 Competition Adjustable Rear Drop Links / End Links


  • Designed and Manufactured in the UK
  • High Quality Motorsport Dunlop Rose Joints
  • Manufactured from Aircraft-Grade Materials
  • Stainless Steel Lock Nuts
  • Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminium Body
  • Lightweight and Strong


When lowering your M2/M2C adjustable drop links are a great upgrade. The drop link mounting to the wheel/hub assembly at one end and to the anti-roll bar at the other. The anti-roll bar is mounted to the chassis. Therefore, when you lower the car, the anti roll bar is pulled upwards as the chassis drops sitting the ends in a different location which can cause the anti-roll bar to hit the chassis or suspension arms. With the adjustable drop links installed, the lengths can be adjusted to sit the anti-roll bar back to its optimum position. 

Another great benefit of adjustable drop links is for when corner weighting your car. If you are having your car corner weighted, then the ride heights at each wheel will be slightly different to each other. This means that tension will be carried in the roll bar in a straight line and will load differently in left and right hand directions which can cause an uneasy feeling when driving. With adjustable drop links installed you can remove the tension in the roll bar using the adjustable length to make the car handle like it should again allowing you to benefit from the corner weighting properly. 

Designed and assembled in house and manufactured in the UK from high quality aircraft grade materials our adjustable drop links have been developed to deliver optimum performance. Our drop links also feature high quality Dunlop studded rose joints which are also manufactured in the UK, providing strength and longevity for road or race use. 

With bodies manufactured in the UK from aircraft grade billet aluminium, they are lightweight but still offer superior strength to handle forces from stiffer uprated anti-roll bars too without any concern. They also work with OEM suspension or aftermarket coilovers and roll bars, meaning there is no need to change them between upgrades either. They also feature stainless steel lock nuts which have anti-corrosive properties to maintain ease of adjustment throughout time.