Toyota GR Yaris

GR Yaris

Seat Lowering Kits

We here at Suspension Secrets are thrilled to present a world first – our Toyota GR Yaris Seat Lowering Kit. Designed to be entirely compatible with the standard seats, our kit gives a reduction in seat height of 35mm, at a fraction of the cost of any other available solutions.

The original seating position in the GR Yaris, even in its lowest position, is notoriously high and visibility is often impacted by the rear-view mirror. Our kit negates this, giving the driver an unobstructed view out of the windscreen, boosting the confidence of the driver to place the car more precisely on the road, leading to greater driver enjoyment.


Upgrading your GR Yaris’s suspension is a great way to make a good car even better. With kits to suit road and track work, a suspension kit will give you added control and confidence when behind the wheel.

The adjustability offered by these kits is invaluable for creating bespoke suspension setups, particularly in terms of ride height, damping, camber and toe – which are ideal to create a setup that matches your driving style perfectly.

Handling Packs

The GR Yaris is a good car, but it can be greatly improved with some small modifications. As a result, we’ve put together some Handling Packs for the GR Yaris. These packs range from improving the performance of your GR Yaris on the road, all the way to full track usage.