986 components

Porsche 986


Upgrading your Porsche suspension is a great way to extract the maximum performance potential from your car. If you use your Porsche for mainly fast road, track or race use then your suspension can definitely be optimised. Upgrading to a high quality coilover will provide your Porsche with the optimum ride height setting, multiple damping settings to help fine tune the behaviour of the car to suit your driving style perfectly and a spring rate that matches your use of the car and driving style. 

Adjustable Suspension Arms

When setting the optimum geometry settings on the Porsche issues can be introduced where the limitations of the standard adjustment methods prevent setting the car up with the best setting possible. With the installation of some adjustable arms, the adjustment range is increased dramatically, allowing the best possible setup to be used on the car. Also, once lowered, Porsches struggle to regain ideal geometry without the extra adjustment offered by the adjustable suspension components.