992 components

Porsche 992

Explore our range of upgrades for the latest generation of Porsche’s iconic 911 – the 992.

Upgrade Packages

Unlock the true handling potential of your Porsche 911 GT3 (992) with our range of upgrade packages.

Whether you use your 992 GT3 primarily on the road or mostly on the circuit, our upgrade packages will fit seamlessly into your GT3’s existing setup whilst dramatically improve the car’s handling ability.

Camber Blocks

The 992 GT3 is a great car that can be improved with some minor modifications. We developed our camber blocks to seamlessly fit into the 992’s suspension assembly. Our camber blocks give essential negative camber to the 992’s front axle. Negative camber helps to distribute cornering forces more evenly across the surface of the tyre which helps to improve grip, whilst reducing tyre wear.

Camber Shims

Camber is an essential component of any performance car’s steering geometry. Increased the level of negative camber on your Porsche gives more grip; helps to reduce understeer and improves tyre life. Our stainless steel camber shims are the perfect upgrade for your 992 GT3, and their benefits will be felt on road and on track.

Bump Steer Tie Rod Ends

Remove bump-steer and reduce understeer with our bump steer tie rod ends. Bump-steer causes vagueness through the steering and can be a confidence-sapping occurrence, which is the last thing you want when pushing hard on track.

Our fully adjustable Bump Steer Tie Rod Ends allow you to completely remove the bump steer from your 992 GT3’s geometry.