Coilovers & Shocks

Standard BMW suspension is a very diverse item that has been designed to work in multiple environments, on many different types of terrain,  weather and surfaces. If you are using your BWW mainly for fast road use, track days or racing then you will certainly benefit from upgrading to a good set of coilovers. 

Installing the coilovers will provide damping adjustment, allowing you to fine tune the handling characteristics of the car and will also provide a stiffer spring rate to control the car when being pushed to its limits through the corners. With a sophisticated coilover, the stiffer spring doesn’t mean you will have a much harsher ride than stock too as the spring rates are carefully designed around your use of the car. 

Camber Plates

One area that can be drastically improved on BMWs is the lack of camber adjustment for the front wheels. Particularly once coilovers or lowering springs have been installed, the lower, stiffer car will be trying to use more of the camber of the tyre through corners. Without the correct camber setting, you will have less grip from the tyre than before. With the installation of a camber plate you are able to increase negative camber and fine tune the settings to ensure you are getting the maximum grip possible, and more even wear from your tyres.