Lotus Exige S3


The Lotus S3 platforms are provided with different option coilovers from factory but often remain compromised with needing to work well in all weathers, multiple surfaces and out on the road. If you are mainly using your Lotus for track or race use then you can benefit by upgrading to a more focused coilover option with the specific spring rate and saving sited to your needs and driving style. With a more focused setup you will generate more grip and control from the car, improving handling substantially and ultimately dropping lap times substantially. A more sophisticated damper will control the vehicle mass and the spring more effectively, keeping the car much more stable on corner entry and exit whilst providing more feedback for the driver. 


Over time the bushes on your Lotus will degrade and develop more movement. This movement is due to age and the material used in many OEM bushes. By upgrading your bushes to a stiffer polybush or solid bush eliminates the initial movement of the arm when the grip generated by the tyre tries to develop a direction change in the car. Wirth the uprated bushes installed, the speed of direction change is dramatically increased as the car becomes much more responsive and intuitive with the driver improving the handling of the Lotus dramatically.