BMW F87 M2/M2C Handling Pack 1 (Road)


    • Road-focused setup for driver’s who use their cars frequently on the road
    • Improved handling capabilties
    • Lower centre of gravity
    • Reduced body roll
    • Improved driver engagement and feedback


The focus of Handling Pack 1 is to increase handling performance on road and track, without compromising day to day useability.

Handling Pack 1 is an excellent introduction for those considering upgrading their M2/M2C’s cornering capabilities. We recommend this pack for driver’s who primarily use their M2/M2C on the road, but who are after increased cornering performance and driver engagement.

Handling Pack 1 includes:

Full Geometry Alignment

A full geometry alignment is achievable with entirely standard suspension components. We consider it one of the most significant upgrades you can invest in. A proper alignment also helps make use of any installed upgrades, allowing them to fulfil their potential. In this kit, the geometry is road-biased and will make your BMW more intuitive and predictable.

Eibach Lowering Springs

Eibach’s excellent lowering springs help lower the centre of gravity of your M2/M2C, and in combination with the increased stiffness of the springs, are a good first step towards improving your car’s handling performance.

The added stiffness of the Eibach lowering springs also keep the chassis much flatter through the corners by reducing body-roll.

A lower centre of gravity, in combination with the added stiffness of the springs will make your car more direct and reactive when changing direction, as the less weight load is being transferred during cornering.


At Suspension Secrets we offer comprehensive installation and setup services. We can apply our knowledge and expertise of the F87 M2/M2C platform to your car, and to make the best use of the upgrades included in this handling pack.

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