Surface Transforms Ford GT Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit Upgrade


  • Unique construction process offers increased durability
  • 50% Cost saving compared to buying new OEM discs
  • 3x More effective heat conductivity versus standard components
  • Reduction in unsprung mass, resulting in improved handling and driveability
  • Increased braking performance and modulation on road and track
  • Can be reconditioned up to three times, notably improving lifespan


Here at Suspension Secrets, we have played a key part in aiding Surface Transforms in their development of this disc, and offer comprehensive installation and support services.

Surface Transforms’ carbon ceramic discs offer significantly increased durability and stopping power over Ford’s OEM carbon ceramic discs thanks to their revolutionary interweaving continuous carbon construction.

Designed to be compatible with your Ford GT’s existing brake setup, Surface Transforms’ discs provide a cost-effective and comprehensive upgrade to your Ford’s braking performance.

In addition to their increased performance, the unique construction process also makes these discs lighter those offered by Ford. The lower unsprung mass increases control over the wheel and tyre, thereby improving handling and driveability on the road and track.

Surface Transforms’ discs can also be refurbished after intensive use, which noticeably increases the lifespan of the product.

This product is compatible with Ford GT (2017-onwards)

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