Suspension Secrets Porsche Boxster/Cayman (986/987) Adjustable Rear Toe Arms


  • Aircraft-grade aluminium construction
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel componentry
  • Incredibly lightweight and strong
  • Continuous precision from Fluro rose joints
  • Fully adjustable


What makes our Suspension Secrets Porsche Boxster/Cayman (986/987) Adjustable Rear Toe Arms unique?

Our Suspension Secrets Porsche Boxster/Cayman (986/987) Adjustable Rear Toe Arms are designed with three key factors in mind: strength, reliability and ease of access.

The aircraft-grade billet aluminium used for the bodies of our adjustable rear toe arms is incredibly light and very strong. It is the ideal material for this application, and as a result, our parts are a significant upgrade in quality over the standard Porsche OEM parts.

Strength is very useful for an application like this, but reliability is even more important. The stainless steel Fluro rose joints on our arms are corrosion-resistant, which gives our arms complete reliability in all weather conditions, and the PTFE bearing linings are self-cleaning, which boosts their lifespan hugely.

Finally, our arms are design to be easy to use and adjust. That’s why we’ve included and adjuster nut to enable fast setup changes at the trackside or in the workshop, and the adjuster nut and securing nuts can all be tightened with a common 17mm spanner instead of a specialised Porsche tool. To top things off, our adjustable rear toe arms can be secured and adjusted without even having to remove any wheels from your Porsche.

Why would I want to install Suspension Secrets Adjustable Rear Toe Arms?

Rear toe arms have a number of benefits and are a good upgrade to make to your Boxster or Cayman.

Firstly, adjustable rear toe arms can help you make best use of any installed coilovers or if you have lowered your Porsche. When lowered the bump steer arc of your Boxster or Cayman changes slightly, as a result the rear wheels become effectively toe’d out, which negatively affects cornering performance. Trying to rectify this issue using the standard adjustable Porsche components is not possible as they OEM parts have reached their maximum capabilities. As a result, adjustable toe arms are necessary to restore the ideal toe settings.

The next positive aspect of the installing our rear toe arms is that if you have begun to increase the negative camber on the rear axle of your Boxster or Cayman. Whilst negative camber is incredibly useful for improving your Porsche’s handling, too much camber can make achieving the ideal rear axle toe settings impossible. Our adjustable toe arms allow you to simultaneously run high levels of negative camber whilst also retaining the ideal toe settings.

The first is if you have lowered your Porsche, or have had coilovers installed. When a Porsche has been lowered, the bump steer arc is changed and causes the rear wheels to be toe’d out, which is detrimental to cornering ability.

The adjustability of our toe arms allows you to restore the ideal rear axle geometry, and to control the toe of your rear wheels. Increased toe in helps improve straight-line performance and helps to emphasise the Porsche 911’s natural traction advantage when exiting corners.

If your 911 has already been modified to improve its rear axle camber, then achieving the ideal toe angle is impossible using the standard Porsche suspension componentry, but our adjustable arms hand you back the control required to complete a comprehensive setup.

The final advantage of our rear toe arms is they act as high quality replacements for ageing OEM Porsche parts, helping to ensure your enjoyment of your Porsche for many more years.

This item fits the following:

Porsche Boxster (986) (All-variants) 96-04

Porsche Boxster/Cayman (987) (All-variants) 05-12

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