AST BMW G80 M3 Lowering Springs Kit


  • Improved handling
  • Reduced centre of gravity
  • Increased body control and directional stability
  • Front axle drop of 32mm
  • Rear axle drop of 25mm


Enhance the appearance and handling of your G80 M3 with AST’s BMW G80 Lowering Springs Kit.

What makes AST Lowering Springs special?

AST are a Dutch suspension brand with a long history of high-quality suspension components. They’ve used their decades of automotive and motorsport experience to bring you the best springs available.

AST springs are made from high tensile chromium-silicone wire which gives there springs incredible strength and endurance. Their springs are then cold wound, and then heat treated which increases hardness alongside reducing internal stresses on the spring.

Why would I want to install the AST BMW G80 M3 Lowering Springs Kit?

Lowering springs are a great first upgrade for improving the handling of your BMW. Their shorter construction allows the car to sit lower to the tarmac, which reduces the car’s centre of gravity.

A lower centre of gravity improves a car’s ability to change directions quickly, and it also gives added control over the mass of the car during the transition from one corner to another.

Lowering springs offer a great deal of body control, meaning your BMW feels tighter, more precise and easier to place on the road.

AST’s lowering springs also give your M3 a far more aggressive stance, giving the whole car a far more purposeful and eye-catching appearance.

The AST BMW G80 M3 Lowering Springs Kit offers a 32mm drop for the front axle and a 25mm drop for the rear axle.

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