Audi R8 Fast Road Camber Shims Kit


  • Increased Camber Over Factory Setup
  • Manufactured from High Quality Rust-Resistant Stainless Steel
  • 8 Shims Provided
  • Enable Higher Cornering Speeds
  • Increase Tyre Lifespan


Transform your Audi R8’s handling with our custom-designed fast road camber shims. These shims have been designed and tested to produce the best camber value for this application.

Our Audi R8 shims kits include 8 shims in total. These shims will provide enough adjustment range for a fast road setup.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, from high-quality stainless steel, our camber shims are the perfect upgrade to help maximise your R8’s handling potential. The anti-corrosive properties of stainless steel mean that our shims are resistant to rust and will retain their strength.

Our fit-and-forget shims sit between the lower suspension wishbone and the chassis, which pushes the wishbone further outwards, subsequently increasing negative camber. The increased negative camber means that during hard cornering, when the weight of the car is transferred primarily to the tyres on the outside of the corner, the contact patch is increased, which offers more grip, and subsequently higher cornering speeds.

When driven hard, Audi R8s often suffer from excessive tyre wear on the outside edge and shoulder of the tread block. This is due to there not being enough negative camber present, which forces the car to lean on the outside of the tyre during cornering. Our camber shims, and the camber they increase will ensure cornering forces are more evenly spread across the tyres, increasing their lifespan which means fewer tyre replacements.

Our shims can be installed or removed very easily, making them ideal for quick setups changes, and when installed, your alignment does not shift. They are also perfect for increasing camber by a known amount, which can help in the development of more complex setups.

Our shims not only provide a simple and effective way of increasing the negative camber of your R8, but are the only way to adjust the factory camber settings to provide more grip, and subsequently, higher cornering speeds.

This shim kit is only compatible with the second-generation (2015-onwards) Audi R8.

Feel free to watch the video below. Despite not being the same model as this listing is for, similar effects will be felt with your Audi R8

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