Suspension Secrets Porsche Boxster 986 Front Bump Steer Kit Adjustable Tie Rod Ends


  • Designed and Manufactured in the UK
  • Eliminates Bump Steer Issues
  • High Quality Motorsport Fluro Rose Joints
  • Easily Adjustable
  • Manufactured from Aircraft-Grade Materials
  • Stainless Steel Body and Lock Nuts
  • Extremely Strong and Safe
  • Direct Replacement of OE Part


When lowering your Porsche, the front wheels develop bump steer issues. This is due to the angle of the steering arm changing and angling upwards towards the wheel. Bump steer causes the wheel to toe in and out every time the wheel is moved up or down. When driving on the roads or on the track, the wheel is constantly moving up and down at various speeds from slow to extremely quick such as over potholes or kerbs out on track. Bump steer can vary in severity depending how much the car has been lowered by. In general if lowering springs or coilover have been installed on your Porsche, the bump steer tie rod ends are required. The tie rod end can be shimmed using the precision machined spacers to set the tie rod at the correct angle where it mounts to the upright. Once set, the bump steer can be entirely removed from the system. This will reduce understeer and increase steering feel and responsiveness substantially. 

Our Bump Steer Tie Rod Ends are CNC manufactured in the UK from aircraft grade materials. Manufactured from stainless steel our tie rod ends provide the upmost strength giving you complete peace of mind for your steering system once installed. The material is also naturally resistant to corrosion so it will stay in great condition even when used on the roads. 

Our Porsche Bump Steer Tie Rod Ends use the highest quality bearing used within the top levels of Motorsport such as Formula 1 and Touring Cars; the Fluro Bearing. Our bearings provide minimal play and movement whilst providing free movement to provide even more steering feel and precision when pointing get car into the apex for the perfect line. 

Bump steer tie rod ends are a necessity to get the most from your Porsche when lowered and are a worthwhile upgrade to ensure that your Porsche handles exactly as it should …..if not even better. 

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