Suspension Secrets Adjustable Rear Drop Links – BMW F20 M135I/ M140I


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What makes our BMW M135I/ M140I F20 Adjustable Rear Drop Links / End Links unique?

Our Suspension Secrets BMW M135I/ M140I F20 Adjustable Rear Drop Links / End Links are designed to allow for quick and easy adjustments either at home or at the track.

The drop links have adjuster nuts on their bodies which enable quick setup changes to be made from within the wheel arch.

Our M135I/ M140I F20 adjustable rear drop links are also made from high quality materials to ensure performance and reliability. The bodies of our drop links are made from aircraft-grade aluminium, which makes them incredibly strong and light, and the componentry which includes the rose joints, adjuster and locking nuts are made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

Why would I want to install Suspension Secrets BMW F20 M135I/ M140I  Adjustable Rear Drop Links / End Links?

Drop links are a great upgrade, and are useful for quite a few applications. Firstly, drop links can help to restore the ideal suspension geometry to your rear axle. When a car is lowered on lowering springs or coilovers, the anti-roll bar is pulled upwards into the chassis when the position of the drop links connecting the anti-roll bar to the suspension hub assembly are changed.

Our adjustable drop links allow you to reset the position of the anti-roll bar, which helps to restore its standard role within the suspension system.

Adjustable drop links are also very useful when it comes to corner weighting your BMW. During corner weighting the ride heights at each four wheels of the car will be ever-so-slightly different. This difference in ride height causes the anti-roll bars to sit unevenly, causing tension in them, which can make the car feel drastically different between left and right corners.

The adjustable drop links can eliminate this tension and restore the normal handling to the car, helping you to get the most from the corner weighting process.

Suspension Secrets’ products are designed and manufactured in the UK. Our products are made high quality materials including billet aircraft-grade 6082 T6 aluminium and corrosion-resistant stainless steel, and use motorsport-spec Fluro bearings for maximum performance and longevity.

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