Suspension Secrets Adjustable Rear Toe Arms – BMW G87 M2




Increase the traction and stability of your G87’s rear axle with our Suspension Secrets BMW G87 M2 Adjustable Rear Toe Arms.

Whether you G87 is rear-wheel drive only or xDrive, our rear toe arms are designed to improve your BMW’s traction in all conditions. Our adjustable rear toe arms give the following benefits:

  • Full adjustability of rear toe angles
  • Increased traction
  • Improved straight line stability
  • More traction at corner exit
  • Enhanced high speed stability
  • Removal of arm flex due to solid mounting

Improve your BMW G87’s traction and stability on the road and track with our adjustable rear toe arms. Having adjustable toe arms gives you full control over your BMW’s rear toe angles. Uneven toe angles can make a car handle very unpredictably which greatly reduces driver confidence.

Our rear toe arms are solidly mounted which means they do not flex under acceleration. This results in a far more responsive and sensitive rear axle giving your far greater control over how your BMW drives.

Suspension Secrets’ products are designed and manufactured in the UK. Our products are made high quality materials including billet aircraft-grade 6082 T6 aluminium and corrosion-resistant stainless steel, and use motorsport-spec Fluro bearings for maximum performance and longevity.

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