Suspension Secrets Front Offset Castor Bushes – BMW F87 M2/M2 Competition




As our Suspension Secrets Front Offset Caster Bushes for the BMW F87 M2 are solid they do not flex like the original bushes, ensuring your steering remains accurate and communicative whilst also improving braking stability.

Our offset caster bushes also feature offset rose joints which increase positive caster, resulting in improved steering feel and more cornering grip thanks to the dynamic camber gain generated by caster.

We’ve also developed these bushes to help those BMW F87 M2 owners that already have caster-adjustable suspension top mounts fitted.

When running maximum caster, the front wheels can collide and rub against the wheel arch liners when turning, as they are no longer perfectly in the centre of the front wheel arch. Our caster bushes can be used to return the front wheels into the centre of the wheel arch, preventing them from rubbing against the wheel arch liners whilst not having to reduce positive caster on the suspension top mount.

The benefits of installing our Suspension Secrets Front Offset Caster Bushes for the BMW F87 M2 include:

Increased cornering grip and steering feel thanks to increased positive caster
Improved braking stability and steering accuracy
Enables complete control over suspension caster angle
Allows you to run maximum camber on camber-adjustable top mounts without catching inner arch liner

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